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E-Z-GO & Legend History

                            A Brief History of E-Z-GO Golf Carts

The E-Z-GO company was started on June 13th 1954 in a garage in Augusta Georgia by two brothers, Billy and Beverly "Bev" Dolan. This was the day after Bev had gotten out of the military. The very first golf carts they built used military surplus 24 volt motors which originally operated the wing flaps Dallas on the B-17. They ran these motors on a 36 volt battery stack.

Once they got started they moved the production to Grovetown Georgia to have them assembled at a machine shop owned by Paul Corley. See the History of Pargo for an interesting side light to this story. In 1960 they sold their company to Textron. The head of Textron at that time was Royal Little who bought E-Z-GO because of his love of the game of golf. Royal retired at the end of 1960. Billie and Bev both stayed on board until 1978 when Billy Dolan left with some other employees and investors to purchase Club Car which at that time was located in Texas.

They later moved the company to Augusta Georgia where it remains to this day. All of the golf carts produced ran on batteries until 1971 when they introduced a 175cc model 17-CES 1PG two cycle Robin version. They used this four bolt head Robin engine made by Fugi Heavy Industries until 1975. In 1976 they came out with a six head bolt model EC25-DS 244cc two stroke Robin engine also made by Fugi. This engine also had an internal starter/generator that was kept until mid 1980. In mid 1980 they introduced the external Hitachi starter/generator. This model EC25-2PG engine was used until 1988. In 1989 until 1993 they used the model EC25-3PG 244cc two stroke Robin engine. In 1991 they came out with their first four stroke engine , a 295 cc, 9 hp one which was replaced by a 350 cc four cycle in 1996. In 1997 Textron bought out Cushman and continues to manufacture Cushman industrial vehicles as well as their E-Z-GO line of golf carts and industrial vehicles.

Around 1976 Pargo sold out to Eagles Vehicles, Inc. and the company was moved to Dallas, Texas. They continued to produce the Pargo line of industrial vehicles. By 1985 they were only building the four wheel model 775, 1200 lb. capacity and the 875, 2000 lb. capacity units and the model 830 three wheel personnel carrier. Around 1979 they introduced a golf cart that looked very similar in styling to the E-Z-GO called the Legend. This cart used the electric, steering and suspension from an E-Z-GO and the Terrill differential and 16 external splined motor that the Pargo golf cart had used. Around 1982 they sold the golf car division to Ross Products, Inc. and that portion of the company moved to Boca Ratan, Florida where they also manufactured the first Westerns and the Royal Ride. The Western was based on the E-Z-GO chassis and drive train while the Royal ride was based on the Club Car with the aluminum frame. Around 1985 Eagle sold the Pargo industrial division to E-Z-GO/Textron and it was moved to Georgia. In 1986 E-Z-GO made the model XI-875 which had was basically the same as the old Pargo model 875. It retained the same speed control system used by Pargo with our part number SP217 speed switch and the same solenoid arrangement. In a sense Pargo had gone full circle from when the Dolan's broke away from Corley. Also read the Short History of Pargo.


                       A Brief History of Legend Golf Carts

Legend golf carts were first produced by Eagle Vehicles, Inc.of Dallas, Texas which first made industrial vehicles. In 1979 they introduced the Legend golf cart in a three wheel model EV3-01 and four wheel model EV4-01. The EV standing for Eagle Vehicle. This golf cart looked very similar in styling to the E-Z-GOs. It used the electrics, steering and suspension from an E-Z-GO and the Terrill differential and 16 external spline motor that the Pargo golf cart had used. {See the Brief History of Pargo} Around 1982 they sold the Legend golf car division to Ross Products, Inc. of Boca Ratan, Florida who renamed the models the RV-01 and RV-02. As far as we can tell they ceased production in the mid to late 1980s. Please email us if you have a Legend. We are constantly looking for more information such as serial numbers and motor i.d. tag information so we can compile a dating guide.                              

                              Coming Soon: A Brief History of Western Golf Carts

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